Our experience at KBIS 2022

Our experience at KBIS 2022

Our company MCOCOD, presented our product at the KBIS 2022 convention for a chance of exposure. It was a great experience where we also met and found a lot of new interesting products that we've never thought would exist!

Here's a few of the products we've found interesting:

Kohler gold bath

- Bath Gold: Kohler: Kohler Co., a global leader in the innovation and manufacturer of plumbing products, introduces the Avoir toilet, a new option in the one-piece toilet space. The revolutionary design of Avoir leverages water line pressure and an innovative flush to deliver a completely tankless design. With its sleek, modern design, the Avoir blends seamlessly with a variety of bathroom styles, providing an enhanced aesthetic.

- Connected Technology Winner: LG: LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan is a single air care unit that combines the functions of an air purifier, fan and heater in a streamlined, stylish design. It delivers powerful purification with 3 modes of air flow control so users can enjoy cleaner air at home. Operating as low as 23dB, it distributes strong but quiet airflow throughout the entire room thru direct, wide or diffused settings. Users can also control the tower and monitor air quality through their smartphone.

- Bath Silver: Airmada Drying Solutions: The Airmada Shower Drying System is a new, revolutionary product taking the bathroom industry by storm. The patented system uses air-jet nozzles to help dry the shower space after use. By drying out the shower surfaces, Airmada helps to prevent mold, mildew, slippery floors, water marks and after shower humidity.

Shoutout to the tens to hundreds of other product showcases that were there with us at that time! 

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